In Stock: Proof of Age

sign outside nightclub
Sign outside a nightclub indicating staff will ask for proof of age Widnes England April 2019

As a general rule the images that I shoot are not the type that are likely to get lots of likes on Facebook or Instagram, and to be honest that’s ok. I often call my style of images Photography of the Mundane. I’m not really looking for images that will impress people on social media, but that will sell on a market for stock photography to help illustrate a story.

Exhibit A, today’s sale of a picture of a sign outside a nightclub in Widnes, taken on a Sunday afternoon in April. Is it a great picture? No. Is it a good picture? Technically it is ok. What it does well it illustrate a story about underage drinking and nightclubs. It is fairly generic (no brands or trademarks) and could be outside any club in the United Kingdom, so this is the sort of image that sells and a newspaper or website could use to illustrate a story about nightclubs, alcohol, underage drinking etc. That makes it a good picture in context. Mundane, yes. Financially worthwhile, for me certainly. My stock photography then is often less defined by asking whether this is a good or aesthetically pleasing picture, rather than can someone use this to help them to illustrate a story?

The original image for sale can be seen here.

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