In The News

Examples of some of my stock photography work in national news media as well as in website usage

The Guardian (2011)

A striking image of the disability rights campaigner, Kaliya Franklin, for a campaign called Left Out in The Cold, highlighting the daily access difficulties faced by disabled people in the United Kingdom. Kaliya and I knew each other from Twitter, but the first time we met was for breakfast about an hour this shoot. It was February, it was cold, and yes that white stuff on the right hand side of the image is snow.

The Telegraph (2013)

An image of the Border Agency sign in Liverpool city centre, used by a national newspaper to illustrate a story on the costs of Migrant care. This image sold well around a number of outlets in the early part of the decade

LifeDaily (2018)

An image of a sign outside an NHS walk-in centre used to illustrate a story involving a couple who kept a 40-year old Polish man locked in a shed for 4 years

The Crazy Tourist (2018)

An image of turnstiles at the Warrington Wolves stadium used as part of a local tourist 15 things to do…. piece for Warrington, England

IFL Science (2018)

An image of a sign in English and Welsh in Wrexham town centre, used by a science website to illustrate a story on the brains of multilingual people